Aspolly Carrass International –ABCA Ltd,founded in 1994, is one of the first consultancy companies in Bulgaria.

Our experience stems from our involvement with a number of institutions and corporate. Collectively, we have extensive knowledge, in the fields of business plans, corporate strategies, financial controlling, investment analysis, strategic marketing and market research, listing companies on the capital markets, human resources management, analysis and optimization of the production process, preparation of project applications for EU tenders and programmes.

Our unique individual backgrounds give us a versatile insight into the ever-evolving political, economic and social landscape in Bulgaria and South East Europe.Majority of our employees have also worked on projects in CEE countries, including Serbia,Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Russia and Ukraine.

At AspollyCarrassInternational –ABCA Ltd we pride ourselves in providing customer tailored solutions and our individual approach. All of our clients, regardless of their size or type of transaction, are run by experienced consultants who are the pillars in developing the client -advisor relationship and are the ones that ultimately are responsible for delivering success.

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