Mr. Asparuh Karastoyanov
Co-founder and Partner
Mr. Vladimir Ossenov
Co-founder and Partner
Mrs. Stela Slavcheva
General Manger
Mr. Martin Velizarov
Executive Director

At Aspolly Carrass International we recognize that to serve clients well, we need a broad range of specialist skills. We have thus deliberately developed an organization of specialists in many different fields. Above all, we are professional consultants committed to results. This commitment frequently calls for skillful blending of specialties to ensure that the most appropriate techniques are applied to each client's benefit.

At the main office of the company 15 permanent consultants are employed, holders of Ph.D. and M. Sc. degrees in Economics, Finance, Law, Management and Engineering. For every specific project a "work team" is formed by experienced external consultants and associates.

The language skills available are English, German, Greek, Russian, Czech, Italian, French, Portugal and Turkish.

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