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Restructuring companies - one of the most significant opportunities in South East Europe are "Turnaround opportunities". We have been successful in making under - performing companies excel. The region has a plethora of such opportunities, where management needs assistance in getting to the next level. At Aspolly Carrass International we have a proven track record in corporate restructuring (i.e. debt and management restructuring) and creating value in companies in emerging market economies. This is done due to an understanding of the economic environment and by leveraging a strong local staff with western expatriate expertise.

Due Diligence – through the process of due diligence our clients improve their chances of cusses and in most cases their return on investment. The services we provide are: Financial due diligence, Benchmark Analysis, Operational and Strategic due diligence. We assist our clients in completing their acquisitions or in signing long-term contracts by analyzing their targets / counterparts and by assisting them in identifying any potential threats in order to safeguard from potential financial losses and protracted litigations. With the appropriate preparation and due diligence our clients are always able to leverage their bargaining position.

Harmonization with the EU requirements - consulting on and development of grant applications for European pre-accession funds, consulting services for harmonization with the EU legislation and quality standards, “Good practices” examples and information sources.

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